Contour Studios' Gallery Space 
NOW OPEN at 287 East main Street Newport VT 04/1/2015 - 05/1/2015
Next Art Opening: November 24th- Click HERE for event details

Artists Profit from 100% of Sales at Contour Gallery!

A statement from Katlin about the Gallery Space : "As you know I was born and raised in the NEK and often found myself getting into trouble, using drugs, making bad decisions and even getting arrested at the age of 15.
My art teachers Pat Sanders and Rita Braun always looked out for me and encouraged my creative side. They convinced me I could have a career in art and even go to college. If it wasn't for their persistence and assistance I would probably be living a life of disarray. They showed me what it felt like to be proud of what I create and to find the beauty in all things even disaster. I want kids in Newport to realize, even if they don't have all the advantages, feel troubled or alone there is always an outlet in art. I remember when I did my first art show at the MAC in high school. It gave me a since of purpose and helped fuel my drive. almost 9 years later Im making a living doing art, I have an AA in Art from CCV and a BA in the professional studies of fine arts and arts in society from JSC or Northern VT University. My motivation and career is all due to those in the community, especially my teachers who supported my passion so I'm hoping to pay it forward and get Artists of all ages in the gallery to feel proud of what they create and who they are."

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